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Kayleigh McEnany’s Latest Tweet Screams ‘Look at How Good I Look,’ There Is No Other Explanation

In order to understand the tweet we’re going to look at way below, one first must read the tweets right here underneath, in order to get a bit of a sense of Kayleigh. We rea this tweet below some time ago, but we’ve never been able to get out of our heads:

I suppose we shouldn’t fault Kayleigh for playing the game any more than we fault Donald Trump or any of the other “hangers on,” from Jared Kushner, to Steve Bannon, to the others. The only slight difference might be that with the others, we can be pretty sure that they absolutely believe what they’re saying. With Kayleigh …

Can you trust that Kayleigh believes that Trump’s economic policy has lifted the country up and made us “great again?” Can you trust that Kayleigh – recent COVID victim, and that might be a little scary for someone who relies so much on her looks (that is her admission) – truly does believe that Donald Trump has done a great job for the country on COVID?

Or does it maybe seem to you like Kayleigh has a plan? Kayleigh graduated from Harvard Law school – that’s not a conservative school, though plenty of conservatives role through it, it’s not the first choice. She is fairly pretty, though there are … what does it matter? She’s pretty “enough.” She is blonde, which is all Fox News seems to care about. And she’s willing to say shockingly conservative things on television, stuff that would offend most women. She is also willing to cash the check for doing all the above.

So, knowing Kayleigh the way we do now, having reviewed some of her past (and remember, this is the woman who called President Obama, “son,” and was a birther), what was the point in sending this tweet out?

We are pretty sure we know. Most Trump voters are male. Nice picture, Kayleigh, generally, you’re only seen from in front. Have a nice trip.


Peace, y’all
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