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Mary Trump Gives Worrying Prediction as to What Will Happen if Trump Loses

President Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump said she thinks her uncle may be in for a “rough ride” if Joe Biden wins the presidential election. That’s what she told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday after he asked Trump, who’s a clinical psychologist, how her uncle might react if he loses, considering his upbringing and “who he is.”

As per usual, the president denounced Biden, who’s been beating him steadily in the polls, telling a rally audience in Johnstown Pennsylvania on Tuesday that Biden is the worst presidential candidate of all time, HuffPost [1] reports. He noted it would be “disgusting” if he lost to Biden.

Indeed, if Trump loses, “he’s setting himself up to look really bad,” said Trump, whose book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man was published in July. “He’s not going to take it well. Losing is not an acceptable thing in my family. My grandfather set his business up and his family up as a zero-sum game, and that meant only one person could win and everybody else needed to win.”

“In order to win, Donald was trained to do everything it took, whether it’s lying, cheating, or stealing,” she said.

Not only that, but this is the first time in his life that Trump can’t really count on anyone to bail him out, and that’s something he’s not used to.

But she also found Trump’s recent behavior, including his pleading to women at Tuesday’s rally to “please like me,” is “uncharacteristically obviously weak,” saying this is something he would usually chastise others for.

Trump has brought this upon himself. Maybe he’ll be struggling if he loses, but increasingly, more and more people won’t care. It’s what he deserves and perhaps we’ll have a quiet, scandal-free presidency once again.

Let’s hope so.

Watch the interview HERE [2].