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OUCH: New Anti-Trump Video Hits Daughter Tiffany for Partying During a Pandemic, ‘Bye Tiffany!’

Anyone who reads our site knows we love the guys at Meidas Touch. They have put out some of the best anti-Trump videos we’ve seen, and they hit HARD. They go where campaigns can’t go. And we love it.

Their newest video is blowing up Twitter, and with good reason. It’s brutal.

It hits Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s youngest and oft-forgotten daughter. The daughter that Trump reportedly said he didn’t want to be photographed [1] with because she’s too heavy for his liking.

Well young Tiff just turned 27, and had a rather large party in Miami to celebrate. And by the looks of the photos and this video, you wouldn’t think there was a pandemic going on.

Champagne and sushi! And not a mask to be found.

And make sure you watch until the end, because you wouldn’t want to miss the sickening the hypocrisy, and boy, is it sickening.

Nice, huh? And remember our tax dollars are paying for Secret Service agents to protect her while she’s partying in Miami.

Twitter had some thoughts: