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Right Wing Conspiracy Theorist Claims Democrats Have a Secret Plan to Make Obama President Again

Now that the election is only a week away and Joe Biden is clobbering Trump in the polls, thoughts are rattling around feverishly in right-wing conspiracy theorist Dave Daubenmire’s brain. You may remember “Coach Dave” as the nutter who claimed the Super Bowl’s 2020 half-time show which featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira dancing put his soul in “danger of hellfire” (because I guess he doesn’t know how to change channels on the remote).

Welp, now he’s saying on his Pass The Salt Live program that the Democrats have hatched a convoluted plot to make Barack Obama president again, Right Wing Watch reports.

Daubenmire warned if Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris win the election, the Democrats will step in right before his inauguration to claim that Biden is too unhealthy to serve as president, and then they will drop some sort of bombshell about Harris, whom he derogatorily refers to as “camel toe” to prevent her from stepping up.

Now at this point, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, thanks to the Presidential Succession Act, would become president. But Daubenmire insists Democrats will elect Obama as House Speaker, thereby allowing him to become president once again.

The Democrats, he asserted, are doing this to circumvent the 22nd Amendment, which prohibits anyone from being elected as president for more than two terms.

“Here’s the plan, folks,” Daubenmire said. “They’re gonna throw this country into chaos (like it’s not there already?) The election coming up is not going to be decided on Election Day. They’ve gummed it up as much as they possibly can so that Trump won’t be declared the winner, Sleepy Joe won’t be declared the winner. All of a sudden we’re in January, and we don’t have any winner, what are we going to do? It goes to the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives can pick the president — they don’t call it a president, they will call it a presiding officer.”

Well, Daubenmire certainly has a fanciful imagination. He cites no evidence that this is going to happen but it doesn’t prevent him from holding forth.

“They can come together to pick anybody they want to serve for two years as this interim get-us-back-on-our-feet caretaker,” Coach Dave added. “Well, who do you think that they’re going to appoint as this interim two-year president? Barack Obama. Now they’ve researched the 22nd Amendment. The 22nd Amendment says that no one can be elected to more than two terms. Also, it says in the 22nd Amendment that you can’t serve more than 10 years. Now, Barack Obama would not be elected president for two years, he would be elected whatever name they would give him, but he would be serving in the role of president of the United States for two more years, and it’s constitutionally protected. That is their plan.”

Aren’t you glad that Coach Dave is there to think up nonsense so that you don’t have to?

I’ve provided a snippet of that nonsense below.

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