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Rudy Giuliani Flips Out on Live TV and Demands Apology as Fox Interview Goes Off the Rails

Many of our current politicians seem like they’d feel more comfortable in the old Soviet Union, or Putin’s current Russia, frankly. They are tired of the media thinking that it can gather up what it believes to be facts and then ask about them. Rather than say the facts are wrong (because they generally aren’t), the Trumper-GOP act offended that anyone would dare question them at all.

Life has been a bit difficult for Rudy lately, being the butt of a very telling “joke” in Borat’s new movie, one in which he looks to be about to fulfilling every 75 (or so) year old’s dream only to have it ruined in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine. Fortunately for Rudy, the woman in the story was not actually 15 – as Borat accuses in the scene, she is 24, so Rudy didn’t commit any sort of crime, he just looked dumb.

But he also looks dumb – or purchased – in being the center of the Hunter Biden Ukrainian non-scandal, not just from the very beginning but up to today when A) no one believes him and B) no one cares even if it were somehow true.

While interviewed about the laptop Rudy purportedly came into possession – or at least was around when forwarded to the FBI – by Fox Business, Rudy got angry, as told by the Guardian:
Host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery suggested that the stories emanating from the ‘found’ laptop and reported by the New York Post were similar to the kind of broad smear that the famed Christopher Steele dossier makes about the president. This angered Giuliani, who said ‘You better apologize for that!’

Emails purporting to come from the laptop make the suggestion that a Ukrainian business partner contacted Hunter Biden about setting up a meeting with his father, the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. The laptop and emails have not been independently verified, and the New York Post is yet to produce any evidence that Hunter replied to the email, or that any meeting took place.

Why did he get so angry?

She gave him an opportunity to explain why they were different. Indeed, someone very comfortable with their subject might well consider it a softball question!

But Rudy’s not all that comfortable with what’s on the computer. The plan was an October surprise just like the extra “Hillary emails” four on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The FBI announced about 48 hrs prior to the election they found nothing significant. The damage was already done.

And that’s all they wanted with this laptop! Something to get everyone all excited as THE thing, and bring Joe’s polls down, and it just didn’t work. Trump getting COVID didn’t help, COVID numbers shooting to the moon don’t help, the lack of a stimulus bill doesn’t help (now we wonder whether there will ever be a stimulus bill), so people just don’t care.

But Rudy cares, and he damn well wants an apology for her being all rude


Peace, y’all
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