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Trump Brags He Won the Great Battle of ‘Merry Christmas’ Because People Say It Again Now

There are a lot of things that Fox News did that made sense – from a pure propaganda perspective, we mean. It made sense to call Democrats socialists, and that “PC” people were ruining their lives, this is the stuff that propaganda thrives upon, making one feel like the victim of a society in which they used to stand on top of the pyramid, as the “White Man.” But that pyramid is starting to look more and more like a tower with lots of people on top, of all different colors, genders, even gay people! Who do these people think they are? White men?

So from a pure propaganda perspective, it made perfect sense. This is how they fought progress.

The war on Christmas thing never, ever, made sense. As a proud progressive liberal Democrat, I thought we went from “Merry Christmas” more to “Happy Holidays” mostly because there was an entire season of holidays! There was Thanksgiving kicking it off (still the best secular holiday in my mind), Hanukkah (8 days!), Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day (Canadian/British Thing, December 26th), New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, for the love of god, “Happy Holidays” seemed to just make sense, especially since I’m sure I’ve left out holidays from cultures with which I’m not familiar. There was no “war on Christmas,” it was that there were a LOT more holidays than Christmas! And no one got rid of Merry Christmas anyway!

But don’t ask Donald Trump about it.

Donald Trump said that Barack “Hussein” Obama never once said Merry Christmas. (By the way, in the Youtube search for “Obama Merry Christmas” there are about a dozen), Trump was pissed off that Obama never said Merry Christmas:

Today, though, Donald Trump is happy to tell you that now since he’s been president, people are saying Merry Christmas again. Yes, we still fcking have 1000 people dying a DAY of COVID, but people are saying Merry Christmas – unless they’re too dead to say anything – fcker:

We cannot possibly rid ourselves of this man fast enough.

Save a life, vote for Biden.


Peace, y’all
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