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Trump BRAGS He’s About to Land in … Macon Georgia — Social Media Lets HIM HEAR IT!

In 2016, Donald Trump Won Georgia by Over 6%
In 2012, Mitt Romney Won Georgia by Almost 8%
In 2008, John McCain Won Georgia by 5% (With Massive African American Turnout)
In 2004, “W” (Last “R” Incumbent) Beat Kerry by 17%
In 2000, “W” Beat Al Gore by 11%

In other words, not one single Democratic candidate for president has come within 5% – and that was against the most hated Republican ever, and the most loved black man ever, and the Republican won by 5%.

Georgia is one of those states where something “weird” always happens in certain polling places in Atlanta, you know? You just hear about machines breaking, and five-hour lines, all that.

A Republican is not supposed to be spending time campaigning in Georgia. And yet the darndest thing is happening:

Another giant crowd!! I’m sure it will be a giant crowd!! I am sure it will be “giant” enough that Donald Trump will likely win Georgia by 2-3%? And that will include some of those “weird” things that always seem to happen (perhaps it’s proximity to Florida that does it, just weird insects that get into voting precincts in very poor areas and things just get weird).

If one spends much time around pro-political analysts, and some of us have, some of them – especially if you’ve poured 3-4 beers in them, they’ll say things like “We have to be polling up by 5-7% to have a chance in Florida or Georgia.

Make of that what you will. But the Republican president is NOT supposed to be landing that damned plane in Georgia. It is supposed to be landing in North Carolina, even if it is for the 8th time this week, it’s still the way it’s supposed to be done. Unless someone is worried something might go wrong in Georgia …something like … oh, lots of mail-in votes that make it less likely those darn machines in downtown Atlanta have issues that cause four-hour lines, while neighborhoods in Buckhead take 5-10 minutes to vote. Just strange stuff, you know?

Well, if Trump didn’t know, he’s about to know:

This Trump supporter doesn’t seem to understand. Trump “kicking ass today” would be in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona (Move with the sun).

We believe that you’re getting the idea rather handily.


Peace, y’all
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