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Trump Gives Speech to Economic Clubs and His Voice Sounds HORRIBLE, ‘Yikes, Trump Really Had Trouble!’

Well, so much for being 100% cured!

Donald Trump spoke to economic clubs around the country, and during his speech he often had a hard time speaking and he sounded very hoarse.

Trump’s speech was mostly lies, naturally.

Trump promised to cut taxes for middle-class Americans and deliver 10 million new jobs if handed a second term in the White House during his speech to the clubs. Trump loves pulling this lie out before an election. Should he win, God help us, there will be no middle class tax cuts. All the cuts went to Trump and his rich friends.

“We are going to be cutting taxes further and that includes business taxes, but it includes especially middle-income taxes,” the president said in a live address from the Rose Garden streamed to six of the nation’s nonprofit and nonpartisan Economic Clubs.

Trump slammed Joe Biden’s platform, claiming he would push through a $4 trillion tax hike that would “raise taxes on 80 percent of taxpayers.”

Biden said that if elected, he would only raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans, and families who earn under $400,000 would not pay a cent more in taxes. So, another Trump lie.

But what most people noticed was his voice.

Take a look:

And it gets worse, much worse!

Clear that throat boy! I guess taking a sip of water was out of the question since last time Trump did that [5] we all noticed his rumored neurological problems.

Twitter had some thoughts:

And yeah, Trump’s makeup was also pretty bad today: