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Trump Just Mocked Joe Biden as Disabled in the Most Disgusting Way at Rally and People are FURIOUS


There is no bottom. None. And I am so tired of typing that.

Donald Trump is holding a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, and for the most part it is a repeat of all the other rallies. Same gripes, same complaints. Fake news, Obamagate, yadda yadda.

Trump had his audience boo Fauci, which is ridiculous:

Here’s Trump making his ploy for the suburban women’s vote in a very odd way:

But what is angering most people is how Trump mocked Biden, and how Biden raised his hand at their debate. Trump did it in such a way to make Biden look disabled, similar to how Trump mocked reporter Serge Kovaleski back in 2016.

Look at this monster:

People are absolutely DISGUSTED:


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