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Trump-Loving Nurse Who Spoke at 2020 Convention Busted for Shooting Woman over Mutual Boyfriend

The phrase “only the best people” will not die until well … until this whole thing dies, and when we say “this thing” we mean the Trump administration and just hope that the nation doesn’t die along with it.

Many of you will not recall the name “Amy Johnson” and that might only partly be because that may or may not be her real name, as she’s AKA Amy Ford, and – for good measure – she’s also AKA Amy Thorne. To be honest, no one’s real sure of her real name, including the state of West Virginia, where “records obtained through the West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses indicate that Amy Jolene Johnson has been a registered nurse since at least 2003.” LINK

To the Republican National Committee, the folks who put on the Republican National Convention, listed her as Amy Thorn and she spoke to the convention as a medical worker on the front lines, talking about how Donald Trump saved thousands and thousands of lives. To the extent that Trump has not – yet – tried to nuke a hurricane, we suppose she might be right. We hope that Amy Thorn told the truth during her speech to the RNC because her credibility is about to matter a great deal.

She was recently arrested for shooting the woman (who is expected to be okay) over the drug-dealing man with whom they were both sleeping. Yes, this happened:

 Williamson Police tell WSAZ the shooting victim underwent surgery and is expected to be okay. The criminal complaint lists the suspect as Amy Thorn, but WSAZ has confirmed that Amy is also known as Amy Johnson and Amy Ford.

Records obtained through the West Virginia Board of Registered Nurses indicate that Amy Jolene Johnson has been a registered nurse since at least 2003WSAZ spoke to Amy Ford earlier this year when she traveled to NYC to work during the pandemic.

In case you’re having a hard time placing a face to the name, or – well, three names, we’re here to help:

Can the Republicans find anyone to speak to anything who isn’t a criminal? And no one better say Mike Pence, because he’s seen it all and done nothing, that’s called an accessory after the fact.

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all
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