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Trump Mocks Laura Ingraham for Wearing a Mask at His Michigan Rally, ‘Very Politically Correct!’

Something really fkt-up is going on in this country.

As all our astute readers know, there is nothing worse – nothing – to the MAGA crowd than either “being” PC or acting PC. You may as well BE Hillary Clinton to them if you are acting all PC. There is no bigger sin to the MAGAs. Which is strange, since many of us always thought of being “PC” as mostly just being “polite”? Calling people what they prefer to be called? That type of stuff, seems “nice.”

But now wearing a mask is “PC” and THAT is dangerous. It is stunning that it is ONLY the United States, and ONLY under Donald Trump, that could get its ass uniquely kicked by a disease because Trump doesn’t like masks. And he really doesn’t like masks on supporters like Laura Ingraham! According to Mediaite, Trump was at a rally in Michigan and was looking for Laura Ingraham (because it’s normal for news analysts to now join campaigns):

“I do believe Laura Ingraham is here someplace,” Trump announced to which his rally-going fans cheered. “Where is Laura?” he asked, looking backstage. “Where is she? I can’t recognize you. Is that a mask? No way. Are you wearing a mask? I’ve never seen her in a mask.”

Like all of the hosts of the pro-Trump prime time opinion shows on Fox News, Ingraham has often parroted the Covid-19 rhetoric of the White House and has expressed cynicism for and repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of masks.“They’ll say this whole mask thing is settled science just like they do with climate change. Of course, it’s not and they know it,” she said in April. In June, in fact, Ingraham derided Dr. Anthony Fauci as some conspiracy involving the “medical deep state.”

And, that this occurred on the day in which the CDC reported the most new cases in history in the U.S. (and at a Trump rally where near no one wears masks) Trump had this to say about it:

President Trump appeared to reference this when he said “Look at you!” after seeing her in a mask. He then turned to his audience and teased the primetime host to rallygoers in a good-natured way. “She’s being very politically correct. Whoa! Whoa, I have never seen — Laura Ingraham, she’s fantastic.”

Trump has been dancing around it for quite some time on the mask thing, hinting that it’s “politically correct,” but if he goes full for it, declares it to be nothing but the “politically correct thing to do,” there is almost nothing a president Joe Biden can do about it. Let’s say we make universal mask-wearing mandatory, you think an Alabama sheriff’s deputy is going to write a ticket because someone wasn’t being “PC” and was out without a mask? Never happen.

And the more masks are associated with being “PC” (instead of just “smart”) the more we’re fkt, and we mean that.


Peace, y’all
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