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Trump Unleashes Vile and Hateful Attack at Ben Sasse Because Sasse…Told the Truth

Let us get one thing very very clear from the beginning. Ben Sasse is no “RINO.” He cannot wait to vote in Amy Coney Barrett to her seat on the Supreme Court where she and her very healthy-looking 48-year-old self can sit for the next 45 years as a younger and more feminine Clarence Thomas. That, dear friends, is not a “RINO.”

But there are other definitions nowadays to which one must pay attention. The thing is, Donald Trump IS the Republican party and thus criticizing Donald Trump is akin to putting down the Republican party. And, ah, Ben Sasse said some truthful stuff about Donald Trump yesterday. Per the New York Times [1]:

“The debate is not going to be, ‘Ben Sasse, why were you so mean to Donald Trump?’” Mr. Sasse said, according to audio obtained by The Washington Examiner [2] and authenticated by The New York Times. “It’s going to be, ‘What the heck were any of us thinking, that selling a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?’”

“We are staring down the barrel of a blue tsunami,” he added.

Mr. Sasse also hinted at more drastic consequences: a “Venezuela style” Supreme Court with dozens of justices installed by ascendant Democrats; an empowered China ruling the Pacific because of Mr. Trump’s “weak” policies; and American allies doubting whether they can “trust in U.S. strength and U.S. will.”

We strongly believe that we have sufficient credibility with our readers that when we say there is much more, there is much more.

So Trump responded because that is what Trump does. He isn’t ever going to let a slight get by him and if you ever, ever, ever, dare to criticize him, he will be sure to let you know that you will get it much worse in return.

How much would we laugh our asses off if the voters of Nebraska just decided to not pull the ledger for Ben Sasse while voting for Donald Trump? All because Donald Trump slammed Ben Sasse this last week? There are a lot of Republican senators in trouble that are not, at all, supposed to be in trouble.

Look, Ben Sasse is no hero – in fact, he gave us an unneeded civics lecture this week, but he’s no Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Lindsey Graham, either. He has aspirations of running for Trump’s job at some point and he’ll need some centrist cred … and some separation from the guy who might be in prison when he does.

We do hope that Sasse has read the country’s mood correctly.


Peace, y’all
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