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WATCH: Trump Campaign Official Goes NUTS During MSNBC Interview: ‘You Just Called Me a Liar!’

We are still talking about whether or not Joe Biden’s team did or did not ask for an earpiece during the debate and the reason we’re still talking about it is that the Trump team – knowing that they got their asses kicked, keep looking for ways to make Biden look bad. Admittedly, it is not an easy job at this point.

An otherwise-normal MSNBC segment got very heated (a lot of TV interviews have been heated today, almost as if team Trump feels a lot of pressure) when MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin simply fact-checked Trump campaign official, Steve Cortes, on some of the lies that have come out of the Trump camp.  Cortes went nuts, and said that Mohyeldin was calling him a “liar.”

The invaluable Rawstory has a great breakdown of the back and forth:

Cortes began Tuesday by joining other campaign members accusing Vice President Joe Biden of refusing to have his ears inspected by a third party to prove he’s not wearing an earpiece. They falsely claimed that Biden agreed to it but then pulled back on the agreement.

The Biden campaign has said that isn’t true.

So, Mohyeldin asked Cortes who made the agreement with the Biden team. Cortes fumbled around, saying it was “the campaign,” but Mohyeldin demanded to know what the name was of the campaign official who made the agreement. Cortes said there was a “debate negotiating committee” who made all the demands. He ultimately couldn’t name the name.

To be fair, it is very difficult to give the name of a person who doesn’t exist.

The Biden campaign came on to say that it’s all false. Then, to make it art, Mohyeldin said he would give Cortes a chance to apologize for misleading millions of Americans. Cortes said he didn’t mislead anyone and demanded that Mohyeldin prove it was false!

The interview actually got worse from there, when Cortes shouted, “you called me a liar on national television.”

Mohyeldin pointed to a fake ad on Facebook about the earpiece and Cortes said that he’d never seen it, to which Mohyeldin appropriately said “It’s a Trump campaign ad on Facebook!”

Cortes then said he “wouldn’t take Mohyeldin’s word for that.” And maybe that’s smart because god knows that a lot of people produce Trump ads on Facebook, it could’ve been produced literally anywhere in the world.

They then talked about Ilhan Omar and Cortes did his best “a lot of people are talking” about the fact that her naturalization had problems. Again Mohyeldin called him out on it:

Watch the epic showdown:

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