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Angry Trump Caught Swearing on His Golf Course, ‘Ah Sh*t, I Hate This F**king Hole!’

“I hate this f*cking hole.”

“President” Trump, Golfing on Thanksgiving Day, 2020

It’s not just a normal Thanksgiving, either. We reported it earlier today and damn it we’re reporting it again because it cannot possibly be said enough in this nation where we’re enduring a national tragedy and have no leadership, at least we won’t until January 20th and even then, only half the nation will listen because this president is such an asshole that he made guarding against COVID “PC.”

As we have said, the nation lost 2300 real people yesterday. These are not numbers, they’re neighbors, they were kids, they were goofballs, they got married, they had kids, these are people, and they died yesterday. Someone  (more, actually) reading this message will get COVID in the next two weeks, guaranteed. Yesterday also happened to be the second-biggest travel day of the year – and you know what? A lot of airplanes and airports were awfully crowded. Not record crowds, mind you, but far far more than should be. And so of course we’re headed toward Sunday, the biggest travel day of the year.

The SCOTUS just ruled that state violations against churches were unconstitutional. Gonzaga beat Kansas today, they sold a few tickets in Florida – socially distanced, of course.

It is the perfect storm, in another category.

A real president would be anticipating the biggest tragedy that has befallen this country in ages, at least in terms of deaths. If 2300 people died yesterday, what will the total be in three weeks? How will our hospitals and staff even function? A real president would be in the situation room with experts and the military, trying to figure out how to use the real military – – not state national guard, real military – – to move goods, people, doctors, nurses, bring ships in loaded with whatever to do whatever. That is what a real president would be doing.

Ours hates this fcking hole. He is golfing, evidently not having a good round. There are a lot of people not having a good round today and he doesn’t care.



Peace, y’all
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