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Biden Twisted His Ankle Playing With His Dog — Net Responds by Ripping Trump’s Record With Dogs

Alright, we have several moving parts on this story so we should get it all straight.

According to Rawstory, Biden was out playing with his big German Shepard, “Major,” and they played so hard that Biden twisted his ankle. We own a 105 lb dog that’s a mix, his parents weren’t married, but we understand the troubles when big dogs want to “play,” they can bump up against parts people know not to bump. So it is totally understandable how a man like Biden would be out playing with his dog during the COVID crisis and pull an ankle.

Second element of this story is that Trump hates dogs, which as we’ve said before is reason 105 to totally disdain Trump. Who hates dogs? People who know that you cannot possibly fool a dog. They know exactly how you feel about them and life generally. Show affection, get affection, show anger, they’ll just ignore you or get angry back. It is no wonder Trump hates dogs, they’ll see his inside and won’t sign an NDA.

Trump also uses “like a dog” as some kind of aggressive insult. He “died like a dog.” Or with respect to Romney, “He choked like a dog.” Does any of this make sense in the context of a German Shepard named “Major” who loves his dad so much they were out playing – and would know immediately that dad was hurt and stop? Sounds like the “like a dog” stuff doesn’t fit and the net let loose.

Jenna Ellis – the perfect foil, again – wrote about how she wondered what the headlines would be like had it been Trump twisting an ankle playing with a dog. People responded with some heartfelt and obvious things about Trump and dogs.

Yes, we agree, the reason Trump doesn’t like dogs mirrors how he sees the world. Dogs figure out quickly that Trump is about Trump and it’s not worth getting close to him. Therefore they treat him like someone to be wary of and he feels unsupported. The dogs won’t support him so they get hated, just like people.


Peace, y’all
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