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George Conway’s PERFECT Analogy for Trump is Going Viral — Loved So Much Thousands are Responding

It is probably best to remember that George Conway is someone none of us would have anything to do with prior to the Trump administration. We don’t use the “hate” word often, or ever – at least outside of the Trump family – just too strong a word. But we would likely have had a hard time talking to him, knowing he was a big Federalist Society guy, and a powerful/influential DC lawyer for anything conservative.

So maybe it’s a great lesson to learn that just because we cannot stand a person’s politics doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy a good person. (We do not think of many Trumpers as “good people” because there’s so much racism associated with Trump, it’s just very hard to pull off). Conway saw through Trump immediately and has thus been much easier to like.

In addition, he regularly and effortlessly shows his brilliance in both deep and funny ways. He did it again, and people are LOVING IT to a degree we rarely see. Hit it right on the head, George:

And some of us call ourselves writers. That is awe-inspiring. It sure inspired a lot of people to jump all over it and respond with some “almost as good” stuff.

Then the perfect answer to a question in the thread:

If the Russians don’t make a hit, you must acquit. No less guilty, though.

No, we’re not sure about that or the car would have wrecked by now. Though the slow part certainly makes it possible.

Rudy is not captain of the dream team, though at that moment he thought he was.

Okay, we’ll end on that.


Peace, y’all
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