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Kayleigh Heckled by Reporters as She Storms Off From Briefing, ‘When Are You Gonna Admit You Lost?!’

One of our favorite White House reporters tried to get an answer out of Kayleigh as she packed up her binder full of talking points, each of which scolded the press for reporting non-praise of Trump. Brian had a very reasonable question, one the entire country has been asking itself and others for quite some time. He asked if she knew the definition of sedition and if they were ever going to admit that they lost.

It is astonishing that in this day and age, seventeen days after the election and at least ten after it became very apparent that Biden had won the election, we have a president who – at least a couple of days ago, tweeted out that he won, had a lawyer declare yesterday that he won in a landslide, and today he hosted the leaders of each house in the Michigan legislature, an act that sort of admits he’s lost and is looking for an alternative way to “win.”

And for the love of god, somehow Rudy Giuliani is the lead attorney in this battle, and his most compelling fact is that he knows crimes, he can smell them and he smells this one. That’s it. He couldn’t smell the snot he rubbed all over his face yesterday during the hearing.

So Kayleigh, today playing the role of White House Press Secretary and not roving campaign spokesperson, allowed the press to ask just a few questions and took her not so passive aggression out on them. But as she packed her stuff up to do her patented huff out the door after her lecture, Brian Karem asked a couple of excellent questions that got ignored – but shouldn’t have been. They’re fairly important and most people – on both sides – would like to know, date and time.

If only that was the first question, she might have had to at least babble a couple of words before moving on to a question set up for OAN or Newsmax … fast.

Peace, y’all
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