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Kayleigh McEnany Manages to Shove Her Faux Christianity in Our Face as a Political Statement…AGAIN

Kayleigh McEnany (“K-Mac”) is one oddly offensive snake in the grass. She changes colors, sort of. We already know that she interchanged her roles as White House press secretary – for which she received $180,000 annually straight from us, with her role as campaign spokesman (we have no idea if they flipped her extra cash) and this occurred with shocking clarity in the weeks just prior to the election. In other words, we paid her to play a role in the Trump campaign, which is typical Trump.

Anyway, she also maintains two Twitter accounts because sometimes she tweets as White House spokesperson, and sometimes she tweets as K-Mac the insufferable. She can just feel that seven to eight-figure salary at Fox, it has got to be right around the corner. No way does she take low six-figures to go to OAN, K-Mac is never slumming it with that crowd. But to go to Fox she has to be perfect for the role in every way. She’s got the blonde, mean girl, head-cheerleader thing down, obviously the entrance requirement for women on Fox. But every woman also has to just be slightly unique, sorta in the way that Megyn Kelly felt comfortable with her express racism, there has to be something “wonderful” to the Fox audience that is “your thing.”

With Kayleigh, there is NO question it is the Christianity. But with her, it is hard to tell whether it’s entirely for show and in your face or just entirely in your face. “Pray” tell, what was the point in tweeting this out?

My family watched South Park and it was an awesome one with an outstanding lesson hidden underneath, as there often is. A lot of people wouldn’t watch South Park with their 13-year-old girl but a lot of people fail to realize that a girl that age is not hearing or seeing anything they don’t know except for some of those lessons learned underneath. But that’s not the point, the point is that we’re not shoving it in everyone’s faces, until now, and we’re not making it a habit.

With Kayleigh, we need to ask what’s going on above? She’s a snake that changes colors. It is that “war on Christmas” thing again? That’s for Fox. It is also a slight bump for Donald Trump for making the U.S. safe for white, straight, Christians again and part of it is definitely to pump her Christian bona fides again for everyone (but especially Fox).

We won’t miss K-Mac, but we have this sinking feeling that just like Trumpism, she’ll be in our face somehow and it will be wearing a cross. Which is just fine, when it’s tucked under the shirt and not part of every four to five times you hear her speak. Christianity, white, blonde – in that order, are the only colors that will never change. She is still a snake.


Peace, y’all
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