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Lindsey Graham in SERIOUS TROUBLE: Second Witness Corroborates Claim He Pressured GA Sec. of State

The fact that Lindsey Graham could be SO reckless nearly seals the case for us that Lindsey is no longer in charge of what Lindsey does. (We have no real evidence of such a claim, we only look at what he does versus who he was). As we reported yesterday, Lindsey Graham called up the Georgia Secretary of State (already a very very bad idea) and helpfully suggested that they throw out certain ballots that seemed to be “over representative” of certain areas. In other words, Lindsey suggested that the Secretary of State simply toss legal ballots that they believed were for the wrong guy.

This shocked the Republican Secretary of State.

It also shocked the entire country. What Lindsey did could easily be considered a crime and even if somehow someone determined it was not a crime to pressure a federal official to toss legal ballots, it certainly is not something that is done by a U.S. Senator.

Lindsey damn well knew he was in trouble because he immediately denied having ever said such a horrific thing. And that’s what you do when you know you did something awful and it is your word against his (though why would a GOP Secretary of State make up such a thing?). Except now there is another witness to the conversation, which is a real problem for Lindsey.

Donald Trump is not going to be president forever. Indeed, not more than 60 more days (we damn well hope) and there will be a real A.G., Lindsey may step down in order to keep from being prosecuted. He had no business making that phone call – and that’s all over the net. Now there’s a second witness …



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