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Melania Adds New Sculpture to Rose Garden and Gets Vicious Reaction: ‘I Hope the Bidens Get Rid of It!’

For whatever reason, something comes to mind when thinking about Melania’s sole determination that the famed Jackie Kennedy Rose Garden needed an overhaul to become … we don’t trust ourselves to use a name beyond “Melania’s” because we might reference some of her earlier works of “art” or simply “work.” Anyway, Warren Buffet comes to mind, which is weird but we’ll explain why.

Buffet has a rule. Before he buys any one stock, he lists five reasons he believes it’s a good buy. More importantly, before he sells any stock, he has to list three of the original reasons that have changed. That sounds like one patient and thought-through way to live, which likely explains why he’s had such success and most people have not.

Melania should have taken Buffet’s advice with respect to the Rose Garden. She should have imagined five reasons that Jackie created it and designed it the way that she did. And then Melania should have had to list three reasons it needed to change. “So I don’t break a heel on uneven grass” is not an acceptable answer. Nor is “Because I want it known as the Melania Trump garden,” unless she wants her former “work projects” on anything brought up.

People already hated the walkways where the grass used to be and were furious that she yanked the trees out. Now Melania treats us to a “sculpture” … in the middle of a garden and the sculpture is, well, doesn’t seem to be difficult to put together.

We’re sorry, but given that they installed the piece long after the loss to Biden, it sure conjures up thoughts as to what the entire damned building is going to look like on their way out the door. (Speaking of “out the door,” if Melania could so easily have the iconic Rose Garden changed, couldn’t Jill Biden (or Joe, let’s not be sexist here) say on the very first day, “Put it all back, tear it up, make it look exactly like it did when the Kennedys left.?

Did we mention people hate it with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns? And it has only been up for about an hour! Already people have lashed out:


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