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Michigan Lawmakers Who Met Trump Were Spotted Drinking Dom Perignon at Trump Hotel Until Midnight

It was always a bad idea for the Speaker of the Michigan House and the head of the Michigan Senate (whatever he’s called) to go “visit” Trump at the White House yesterday. They were not there to talk “policy,” this meeting has not been on the schedule for two months (although looking back, there’s no reason they wouldn’t know to calender it “just in case”), no – this had every appearance of two people “summoned” to hear the “president” beg or threaten something.

These two said all the right things yesterday, they had gone in talking about respecting the voters and blah blah.

But who knows what they talked about and who knows what might happen if “circumstances” change? What if, very suddenly, this coming Tuesday a “big new concern” comes up regarding the fairness of the election? What happens if someone discovers “something” and questions start coming up about that Biden 150,000 vote win. Is it not odd that Trump concentrated on Michigan more intently than Wisconsin, where the margin was narrower?

These two should not have gone to the White House because in law the standard is avoiding a conflict or even the appearance of a conflict. Without any sort of “reason” announced for summoning the two of them, the entire matter certainly “looks” like a conflict.

And then there is this aspect. We presume these two are busy people, legislators who are about to certify an election, along with COVID and all else going on. We would have assumed they would have flown into Washington early in the morning and left late afternoon or early evening – that’s how lawyers do hearings, and this wouldn’t be any different. Indeed you’d expect them to be busier.

There are three airports in the Washington DC area that would have flights to Detroit all day every day. And yet these two were at Trump’s hotel bar until midnight drinking Dom Perignon. It seems odd. That sounds like a celebration to us. And they must have really been in the mood, since that area is ground zero for COVID lately – yet there they are:


That proves absolutely nothing, nothing at all. It is just extremely weird in our eyes and looks almost as fishy as the meeting itself. We would like to know why they were still in town, who was paying the $500 for the bottles, and all kinds of other details. Were the drinks comp’d? On an account?

It could be nothing. We have no proof of anything. But we’re sick of coincidences involving Trump. So are many others.


Peace, y’all
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