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Mike Pence Just Insulted Every American, Including Families Who Unknowingly Will Spend Christmas Grieving in Pain

Someway, somehow, the richest, most sophisticated country on earth managed to have the most people killed by COVID-19. Actually, it’s no secret or mystery at all. We didn’t just elect an inexperienced racist jerk, we elected one who wasn’t interested in the actual job, has no empathy, and is the single dumbest president we’ve had, probably ever. When you vote in that guy, you get what you paid for. Almost half the nation thinks it was worth it given all the other stuff he gave them. They owned the libs, loved our tears.

Well, there will be a lot of conservative tears coming in late November and through December, families just don’t know it yet. It could be us, liberals, too – just less likely. Masks.

I have no doubt that Mike Pence would have done a better job than Donald Trump had he been the ultimate decision-making.  That is certainly no huge compliment. I think any teacher, accountant, nurse, certainly any CEO of a company, could have done a better job than Trump. But let’s just for now go with the acknowledgement we’d have been better on COVID with a President Pence, if only because he’d have seen that the deaths adding up were a problem and he needed to listen to the people around him to do something about it. He actually might care.

But because Mike Pence has absolutely no spine and won’t even appear to do anything but kiss Trump’s ass in a manner that “mother” would certainly not approve, today, Pence gave a speech. He gave a speech because he had to give a speech and he knew who would be watching and he knew he had to give the right speech or he’d be gone just like anyone else. (Though I’m not positive the president can “fire” a vice-president voted in by the people. He can certainly put huge pressure on to resign.)

Mike Pence knows we have done a terrible job with COVID, terrible doesn’t even begin to cover it. Mike Pence also knows that we don’t even know the definition of terrible and won’t until about late December when we really see what the winter has done and will continue to do.

And yet:

Even Pence knows it’s quite the opposite. We have never been more vulnerable. Right now, the entire country is NYC in March. Staffing issues, beds unavailable, staff burned out, far far far higher rates of positivity, we don’t have quite as many deaths per day because our clinicians, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, are just that good and they’ve figured out some tactics and meds that are saving more lives. Still, with numbers where they stand, we could easily zoom past records on deaths per day.

This is an insult to all of us. There are a significant number of us – some reading this right now, given the number of readers we average and the numbers building up over the nation, that will either be grieving over Christmas or at least terrified, due to someone close being very sick or it could be us, you. It could be me. We don’t know. We just know we’ve never been less prepared, Mike Pence knows we’ve never been less prepared, and yet he stood there and said it anyway.

Because Trump is still running for president and that’s all he cares about. We knew he was that type of guy in 2016. That’s just who he is and you get what you pay for.


Peace, y’all
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