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Obama Tells Jimmy Kimmel That Navy SEALs Can Drag Trump Out of White House

Obama has some experience ordering Navy SEALS in to get bad guys, so when he speaks about maybe doing it, it’s a great idea to listen, even if he’s totally kidding.

According to The Hill:

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his new memoir, Kimmel jokingly asked if there were places in the White House that people could hide in if they were being removed. 

“Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs in there to dig them out,” Obama said in response.

Look, once it is legally determined that Biden has won the election, meaning that the Electoral college has voted and the House of Representatives affirms the Electoral College’s vote (a formality), at that point Biden is simply awaiting the constitutional date. He will be sworn in.

Trump can build a moat with snakes and alligators. (He will have to find some tough ones in January in Washington), he can get “loyal” troops to surround the White House, he can plant land mines and build four more fences, and put some of his own Navy SEALS on top of the White House and right outside the front door. It really doesn’t matter. Truly.

Chief Justice Roberts will swear Joe Biden in, and Joe will give his inauguration address via television and video, given the pandemic – first time ever, but Joe will be happy to start out “doing the right thing.” From that point forward, Biden controls the entirety of the federal government no matter where Trump sits. Anyone who follows an order from Trump will be immediately arrested by Biden’s A.G. and head of the FBI.

In terms of getting Trump out of the White House? No one’s shooting anyone or storming anything. From six blocks outside the last wall, they can just cut off the water, sewage, electricity, wifi, cable, food, and even the cleaning crew, etc. Trump wouldn’t last half a day. It would be the shortest siege in history.



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