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REPORT: Trump Beginning to Fear Life Without Presidential Power, ‘Are They Gonna Try and F*ck With Me?’

Imagine a man whose entire life is a lie, literally a character in his ongoing TV show since the early 80s. He made a big splash with his building on 5th Avenue, maybe his only real successful endeavor. And then Atlantic City. He barely got licensed as a gambling establishment because of executives with obvious mob ties and that was also the first project where rumored Russian money started to hold the entire endeavor up. It broke. He was broke. Instead of going to personal bankruptcy court, a bank manager was quoted as saying “it was a bankruptcy, just done privately.” They put him on an allowance! Somewhere in the low $200,000 a month. Sounds like a lot but if you have a jet, helicopters, all that to pay for and it gets eaten quickly. He owed close to a billion dollars.

Moreover, and darker, he had every employee ever sign a non-disclosure agreement and used very intimidating tactics to enforce it. Got close with the Enquirer to keep himself out and enemies in. He appears to be a serial rapist. He has never paid a real price for it. Borrowing $130,000 from Michael Cohen to pay Stormy and paying it back over several months doesn’t count. He actually thought his crowd would be impressed he had sport sex with a porn star.

The darkest. When he was out of money completely – before the show started making him real money again – he had to have income, and that’s when people suspect that he went to the lender of last resort, all those Deutsche Bank loans seemingly secured with nothing, or nothing on paper. They made absolutely no sense. A couple of people involved with them ended up hanging themselves. That is odd.

It is all on the table now and as a former president, people really want to know. Before, he could just play a loud-mouthed asshole that people preferred to ignore. Not anymore. And now he has no protection, at least from disclosure: From the Daily Beast

As for Trump, there are simply few other people to whom he believes he can turn in times of peril—which certainly won’t come to an end once he finally leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Law enforcement and investigators, particularly in New York, are actively digging into his family business empire. And this month, as it has started to sink in that Biden could soon occupy the Oval Office, Trump has made clear to confidants that he fears the prosecutors potentially waiting for him on the other side, according to two people familiar with his private comments.

“Are they gonna try and fuck with me?” the president has asked in recent months, according to another source with direct knowledge of his question.

No, not really. All people want is to shatter that outer mystique, the charade, the character and see what’s inside. How bad is it? How many assaults, how many tax cheats, how many relationships with Russian mobsters, how many phone calls to Putin.

No, New York Prosecutors are not going after that, and maybe federal ones won’t either, the whole “look ahead thing.” But there is an investigation in Scotland over three golf courses (one in Northern Ireland) that Scotland does want to know where that money came from. Thing is, most everyone knows. It came from Deutsche bank through loans that make absolutely no sense until someone at Deutsche starts talking. Being an ex-president while that person talks will give him a sick feeling.

No, he’s going to go through some things. And he knows it. People may look behind the curtain, his biggest fear of all.


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