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Social Media Goes Nuts After Trump’s Crazy and Unhinged Lawyer Posts Fake Roosevelt Quote…Then Defends It

Jenna Ellis has been an absolute gift from the heavens to writers and readers everywhere. Barely a day goes by that she doesn’t say something so beautifully stupid that we’d have to quote it and mock it, even if it was said by Nicole Wallace. (That might be stretching it a bit.)

Anyway, we need not worry because they’re all said by Jenna Ellis, “sorta” an attorney for Trump. We say “sorta” because she told us yesterday that she’s not “officially” on the legal team, which we take to mean they haven’t gotten around to paying her yet and if she keeps saying stupid things they won’t ever pay her. (Rudy, obviously, exempted from the rule).

Earlier today Jenna believed she had this ass-kicking quote she was going to shove down the libtards faces, or she made up a quote that she determined to be ass-kicking and attribute it to someone dead, and someone who wouldn’t really know what she was talking about when she says “liberals” and “conservatives” because no one really talked that way back then, or at least no one was around to witness it.

Check this out and then we really light a fire below:

If I was an employee or “sorta” an employee for Donald Trump, even I would be awfully careful about tossing around who lies about what and who does or doesn’t get mad. This is especially true when even judges appointed by Trump are throwing cases out like three-day old pizza.

And one more thing, one attributes quotes because they are supposed to reflect “the truth” as said by a respected name. If one just puts Jenna Ellis’s name under one laughs as much as one does at any of her quotes. The other thing and we know this will be hard for the average person to believe, but what lawyers say in court, or even to the general public, as published, better damn well be true or that lawyer is going to have issues. What happens in offices between clients or whatever might be a bit different.

The net went predictably nuts:

Not that rare in team Trump.

Unless she intentionally did it, and while yes, people say that all the time, people on team Trump don’t.

You’re getting the idea.


Peace, y’all
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