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Trump Brags It’s an ‘Honor’ to Grant Flynn a Full Pardon So Flynn Can Have a ‘Fantastic Thanksgiving’

We all knew it was coming, it was just a question of timing.

Trump was going to pardon Flynn from the moment Trump realized that no Republican Senator gave a flying flock what he did anymore. The realization might have been right at the point that he was cleared of a clearly impeachable crime in January-February of this year. Of course, Trump never had much trouble doing things that no president ever dreamed of doing. Silly Jim Comey nearly passed out when Trump pulled him aside to tell him to go easy on Mike Flynn because he was such a good guy.

Presidents do not talk to attorneys general about crimes, never mind the head of the FBI because presidents know that if anyone in their administration commits a crime, it will be those very people investigating and prosecuting that crime. It might have been one of the few things that the Founders kind of fumbled. (Of course, they left a perfect remedy in amending the constitution. But who needed to change the constitution when presidents knew to not talk to attorneys general or heads of the FBI? Of course, no one saw Trump coming, either).

So Flynn and Stone, the perfect duo for the pardon/commutation. Stone probably got the commutation because he – being the shadiest of the shady – had and has far more on Trump and a pardon waives their 5th Amendment right to keep their damn mouths shut. Pardon Stone and he must talk about what he saw with Trump, lie and that’s a new crime. Flynn must be mostly done with the “keep his mouth shut” part.

But there you have it. Something so inconceivable to prior presidents that it just never happened, pardoning your buddies that helped you stay out of jail? That would get a lame-duck impeached.

Seems like it was a Thanksgiving gift, like a nice table arrangement only more lasting.

It is our great honor to say you will never be president again. Someway, somehow, Democrats will prevent it.


Peace, y’all
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