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Trump Campaign Officials Crap All Over Giuliani, ‘Rudy is Batsh*t Mad’

Whether or not Rudy Giuliani did anything special after 9-11 can be debated. He probably didn’t do anything logistically brilliant, but neither did George Bush at that same point. However, in the aftermath of any disaster, that’s only half the challenge.

The other half is rallying the people into believing in themselves, that they can clean-up fine, they’ll come together as a team to get it done, and then once that team is done with the original work (and grieving), things will be rebuilt as a team that will be at its best – at least for a while. I will go to my grave as a progressive believing that George W. Bush was brilliant for one important week after 9-11, (just one) and consider that perhaps Rudy did some good.

One thing can’t be argued. Rudy was a courageous and damn good lawyer before he became mayor. One doesn’t stumble into being U.S. Attorney for SDNY.

But all of that was one hell of a long time ago and right now? Rudy symbolizes nothing more than failure. Do not take our word for it, listen to Trump’s campaign staff talk about Rudy. According to The Daily Beast:

“The obvious thing is, this is a shitshow,” the adviser said. “When the Rudy show started, that was a sidelining of everyone else. At that point, it became an issue of going through the motions and the recognition of, ‘OK, this is definitely over because we don’t have a chance with… these conspiracy theories.’

Strange. We had the exact same thought.

The campaign was not impressed with the press conference in front of the Four Seasons, nor impressed with the one in which Rudy’s hair seemed to melt over his face, only to then have Sydney Powell explain how Trump won in a landslide.

“It appears that none of us are allowed to say [publicly] that that was one of the weirdest fucking things we’ve ever witnessed,” one senior Trump administration official said, noticeably exasperated.

Well, count us in on that, too:

Top officials on Team Trump, knowledgeable sources say, view the current legal endeavor to steal the 2020 election as a “fucking pile of garbage,” as one official succinctly described it—one that has no chance of working, even as the president continues to throw his support behind it.

Losing an election can often be seen as a fcking pile of garbage, ask Hillary’s team. But we certainly feel better about the odds of our “worst-case scenario” that we’ve talked about for months.

Rudy just ain’t the guy he used to be. It is probably fair to note that even if he was at his sharpest, he likely wouldn’t be getting any further. He just wouldn’t be making such a fool of himself while doing it.


Peace, y’all
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