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Trump Has Not Attended a COVID Task Force Meeting Since His COVID TV Pressers Stopped

We thought it was at least worth noting that today we passed a quarter of a million Americans, 250,000 people have died on Trump’s watch in ten months. American carnage.

That is fcking unthinkable and we’re sorry for the outrage. We recall at the very beginning of the pandemic we heard warnings that anywhere from 30,000 to 240,000 Americans could die. We recall those numbers very well. We recall Trump saying early after the NYC crisis ended and the number stood at about 25,000 to 30,000, Trump bragging – like it was over (remember, it was going to get warmer?) and saying “some people said it might be 240,000.” Under the Lincoln Memorial he said it could be 60,000 to 70,000 which was amazing because people said 240,000. It was only late that he updated it to “could have been” 2-3 million, and that number was only ever put out if we did absolutely, positively, nothing. Meaning every basketball game, every concert, every bar, everything open, and no one doing a thing to recognize it.

Trump has done nothing at all to keep that number down. He says that he did a lot by closing off China early. He did the right thing by mostly closing China early but he didn’t close it altogether. Americans still came back. He says he did a lot by getting ventilators built – congrats, ace, that didn’t take presidential action. People need PPE more than ventilators. But more than anything he says “warp speed” allowed the vaccine to get here fast. ANY president would have ripped apart most regulatory hurdles.

But what pisses us off – as we remember the 250,000 dead, and note that estimates after this horrid winter are that somewhere between 350,000 to 500,000 will die before the virus truly leaves us as a significant thing, this president doesn’t give a fck unless it’s about HIM. Indeed, during the worst crisis in this country since WWII, he never attended a task force meeting after he stopped going on TV for press conferences every day. Meaning once it wasn’t about him, he lost interest. Doesn’t care.

Clearly, all he cares about now is whether he somehow can stay in the job or not. His Twitter feed is a window straight into his sick mind. It is nothing but “I won, somehow.”

And there’s this, from the Daily Beast:

He has his reasons, starting with the fact that those breakthroughs didn’t come on his schedule, meaning before the election. More fanfare would require he follow up with a call for a wartime effort to slow the uncontrolled spread of the virus until the vaccine arrives—to wear masks and avoid social gatherings. Executing a national mass-vaccination campaign takes a longer attention span than Trump’s. He hasn’t met with his coronavirus task force since televised briefings ended.

It is almost like he doesn’t care if it’s not all about him. OH! That’s right. He DID get COVID, and went to the hospital for 2-3 days, drove with Secret Service agents in a sealed car, and said he felt better than he had in 20 years. “Get COVID and in 2-3 days feel younger! Or feel nothing.”

He will go down as the single worst president ever. Thankfully, it appears that he won’t go down as the last president. Had he gotten a 2nd term (how did 47% of America think he did a good job?), he would likely have tried for a 3rd term, and switched to Emperor Trump, or Supreme Leader Trump.



Peace, y’all
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