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Trump Reportedly Approved the Transition to Biden in Order to ‘Protect His Brand’

Trump believes that his “brand” is associated with pride in the “luxury lifestyle.” Most of us might throw-up for having such a label. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being rich, but someone with that much money could do so much good for so many people that when one thinks about Zuckerberg being worth $100 billion, one wants to consider how much good maybe $75 billion could be doing (maybe ensuring every poor kid in the U.S. has net access at home? Just a guess), and it still leaves Zuckerberg more money than he could spend in five lifetimes. Indeed, that money mostly ensures that no future generation associated with him will ever have to work. It’s sickening.

But Donald Trump revels in it and wants people to think that’s him, worth ten billion dollars – that’s what he claimed. He wants people to know that he’ll spend whatever it takes to say “luxury” and “wealth.” That’s his brand. But apparently, that brand requires someone to be seen as somewhat sane and sensible. So, now he’s in a situation that’s going crosswise. He believes his brand can win out for the second term, but the harder he fights, the dumber he looks, and that’s costing him money.

From NBC:

The advisers argued that the combination of snowballing calls from Republicans in Congress to begin the transition, disastrous public appearances by attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and mounting legal setbacks were creating a public relations problem — and that Trump needed to shift course to “protect his brand,” as one ally put it.

The General Services Administration made the official designation to begin the transition on Monday, providing Biden’s team access to funding and federal agencies.

That. Is. Unbelievable.

They are essentially saying, “You need to make some moves to pass this along or you’ll be seen and associated with jackasses and it’s going to cost you money in the long run. If your brand gets burned here, it’s going to impact the money you make down the road.”

And that’s unbelievable. Except with Trump, and then it’s expected, and the brand’s taking a hit, whether he knows it or not.


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