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Watergate Lawyer Says Joe Biden Should Pardon Trump — And Democrats Should Be Happy About It

Michael Conway earned his chops as a Watergate-era lawyer, where he served as counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, and he’s recently penned a column for NBC News THINK, where he makes the case that President-elect Joe Biden should pardon President Donald Trump. Conway also writes Democrats should accept this, Mediaite reports.

In a nutshell, Conway argues that if Trump accepts a pardon, it would be an admission of his guilt. He also says Trump could still be prosecuted for state and local crimes.

Conway also argues:

  • A pardon would buffer Biden against the stain of political vendetta.
  • It could work as a healing salve to mollify the 72+ million idiots, er people, who voted for Trump “despite his misconduct (or the election results).”

While Conway did note that Biden has previously promised not to pardon Trump, he also adds Biden pledged this “before the closeness of our election revealed how many Americans wanted Trump to remain in office. Clearly, a Biden administration investigation, let alone the prosecution, of Trump could well make the former president even more of a martyr to his followers, fuel a further escalation of the existing partisan divisions and even lead to civil unrest.”

But as Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher notes this might be the wrong kind of encouragement for Trump and his followers.

“That argument, however, also sounds a lot like a reward for any leader with a fanatical following that might just tip over into violence if displeased,” he writes. “Tomato, tomahto.”

And let me tell, the idea of a pardon for Trump does not play well on Twitter, where users have stepped up to air their discontent with this idea.

Then there’s this one, which aims a funny bit of snark at Conway:

And this tweet, which, I might add, is succinct:


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