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Well, Sydney Powell Finally ‘Released the Kraken’ and Not Surprisingly It’s a Typo-Riddled, Embarrassing Mess

Someone, somewhere, on some side, started calling these big lawsuits that Sidney Powell promised were coming as, “the Kraken.”  We guess it was meant to sound cool and scary. Well, she released the Kraken today, in two states, not eight, and they were filled with typos and all kinds of wild accusations instead of real facts and law.

Powell released her lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan , both filled with allegations of horrific fraud. Hilariously, the Georgia lawsuit is filed in United States Districct (yes, that is exactly how they spelled it) obviously meant to be in the Northern District of Georgia. Except again, that damn spelling “thing” and all the computers checking things missed it again on the heading of the page itself, where it said that Powell is filing Northern Distrcoict of Georgia.

If you are keeping score at home, yes, she misspelled Georgia twice on the first page, and that’s not a good way to prove your legal prowess.

According to Mediaite, the fun had just started:

Those typos were just a harbinger of things to come. The word ballots appears as “abllots,” Washington D.C. is referred to as the “District of Colombia,” and the name of one of their witnesses is misspelled in two different ways. There are also sentence fragments, and format errors galore.

As to the substance of the documents, there isn’t any. Much of the complaint centers on already debunked claims involving Dominion Voting Systems. Other bizarre conspiracies are alleged — much of it a rehash of what Powell has said elsewhere.

Misspelling names is particularly bad. People don’t appreciate it and it really shows you truly don’t give a …

But here is the weirdest part and something honestly could get her in a world of trouble, far more so than misspelling “district.” Nobody can figure out who she represents, because it might not be Trump at all.

Powell was reportedly cut loose from Trump’s legal team amid complaints from the president that his lawyers are “fools” who are making him “look bad.”

So, on whose behalf did she file the lawsuit? (This matters). There are some rules that allow – in some cases – to file on behalf of the citizens of Georgia, but more generally you pick some regular person in Georgia and put that person’s name on the title as someone voting for Trump who got “injured” by a trashy vote count.

She has no hope. But she’s just so damned weird that it’s kinda fun to follow. This is despite the fact that Trump’s continued aggression is dangerous to the country.


Peace, y’all
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