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Trump is Reportedly Very Sad and Depressed and Rarely Shows Up for Work Anymore

We certainly are about to blast the ever living … well, we’ll get to that. But we thought it really important to see this. Indeed, we wrote a report on this very thing, setting out what we should be hearing every day from any other White House, and then set out eight Trump tweets or so, all from the last six hours at the time, all about himself, none representative of any other White House, even Nixon.

The New York Times has the money to pay someone to do the legwork:

Over the past week, President Trump posted or reposted more than 130 messages on Twitter lashing out at the results of an election he lost. He mentioned the coronavirus pandemic now reaching its darkest hours four times — and even then just to assert that he was right about the outbreak and the experts were wrong.

Breathless. Can we appreciate that those messages don’t write themselves – though some were surely written by staff, Trump blessed the wording – and given that it takes some real work to get that kind of … well, work, out – that’s both sick and yet so typical. The only thing Trump will actually “work” upon is promoting his own needs and greatness.

It came during a time any other president would be near killing themselves trying to slow the deaths, at the very least.

Now, to make it worse, and thus that much more Trump, he’s crying about himself, despite the fact that at this pace, he will have 400,000 die on his watch, which will forever impact his “brand.” He is too stupid to even realize that he’s hurting himself.

Moody and by accounts of his advisers sometimes depressed, the president barely shows up to work, ignoring the health and economic crises afflicting the nation and largely clearing his public schedule of meetings unrelated to his desperate bid to rewrite the election results. He has fixated on rewarding friends, purging the disloyal and punishing a growing list of perceived enemies that now includes Republican governors, his own attorney general, and even Fox News.

Disgusting, infuriating, and though he was already the worst president of all time, he’s not a monster. He truly isn’t all that different than the worst dictators of the past. He just managed to kill his own citizens. We always knew he’d punish others, too, on his way out. He is also punishing the nation.

Canceling meetings. Focused solely upon himself. Doing a Rally!! This is both infuriating and disgusting. Undoubtedly, people will die, from this alone, his need for a rally. He won’t even talk about the senators, much, this is about him and will be a whine-fest about him, nothing else.

We always talk about the fact that many of the victims were his biggest supporters. It is mostly because of the irony, sadness, and utter disbelief. But the entire Right also killed many people who desperately didn’t want to die even while detesting his every breath. He killed them off, too, victims that tried their best to fight for their own lives. The virus was that bad.

He was worse and is especially now, and there’s so little we could do about it. What little we could, we did. Tears and rage.


Peace, y’all
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