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Trump Refuses to Allow ‘Fake News’ Media to Watch Him Deliver Christmas Message to Troops Overseas

It would’ve been kind of fun to know Donald Trump back in college or something, back before he could use his money or his “strongmen” to hurt you. We do believe that a lot of regular guys got hurt mocking Trump in person (that’s the key) later on. We have no proof of anything but he seemed to know a lot of guys that would do a lot of things for money. He knew a lot of women who’d do things for money, too – but that’s a different category.

We’re getting far afield here.

We just want to make fun of him for his ridiculously see-through plan for life, self-glory, self-victimization, a really bad mix, and yet he keeps trying to pull it off, never really working. Yesterday it was time to call the troops on Christmas day. We have mixed thoughts on that because, while it is a nice gesture, this is one government employee calling other government employees on a purely religious holiday (officially), and this government isn’t supposed to have an official religion.

Was it a meaningful message to the many Jewish members of the service? Muslim? Hindu? Whatever. We suppose it is a tradition as much as anything. Want to know what else is traditional? The media listens to messages that the president gives to other Americans, most messages that the president gives to anyone, really.

Not this one:

Alright, soon to be just “Mr. Trump” again, if you are going to give a short speech to service members all over the world, but the media isn’t invited, then why announce you are giving a speech at all? Why not just do it and then later on if the media asks about it, just say “Yes, I wanted to give a message, but I wanted to keep it private to the troops.”

Just leave it at that?

It is because he cannot resist an opportunity to say “f-you” to the media, and so he’s gotta do it. The guy is just so predictable it’s ridiculous. Makes you wish you’d have known him back then. Still, some get him now:

No. One troop could be counted upon to say, “But, wait …” to the media.

Not real popular.


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