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Americans Call for Full Investigation of GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert for Tweeting Pelosi’s Position During Riots

Lauren Boebert is the newly elected Congresswoman from Colorado. January 6th was her third day in Congress. In case you do not know her, this gives you an idea. From the Washington Post:

One of the newest members of Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), has kicked off the session with a viral digital ad [1] proclaiming her right to carry a Glock on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and in the streets of Washington.

If you think she is just a gun nut and not a full MAGA’d Trumper (not that there’s much division between the two), here is Lauren Boebert’s tweet from the morning of January 6th.

Remember first it’s 2021.

If it is 1776 and Lauren considers herself a part of the “Revolution,” then she defied her oath of office just three days into her term. It also appears that she supported the “protests” (if not riots) right through using the same general language as those rushing the Capitol, “It’s a revolution!”

But now people are asking much much darker questions. We have heard credible reports that at least three Republican representatives are being investigated for their role in the riot. There is concern, but not proof, that Bobbit was communicating with the mob during the riots and passing along needed information.

Why would she be tweeting stuff like this as the riots occurred?

We confirmed the tweet [5].

Many people want to know if she was communicating to the mob that they needed to look elsewhere, that Pelosi had been removed. It is an odd comment following right on the heels of saying that they are locked in. Someone could interpret it as “this is how bad it is, they just took the Speaker out!” but it’s coming from someone who is in favor of the “Revolution” and Pelosi wasn’t the only one taken out, most of leadership on both sides were taken out.

Why comment on the Speaker?

It all has people asking some damned serious questions because the Washington Post has the timing down to the minute.

The timing is critical. It isn’t proof of anything but a lot of people believe that this is very meaningful given we’re dealing with someone proudly associating herself with that same mob.

It is deeply disturbing. It isn’t proof. Some people say she’s just that stupid. But that is why one investigates. Is she stupid or is it darker?

If one looks at her followers and the responses she got to the Speaker tweet, very few of her followers are horrified, to the extent one said that “War is a part of life, Christ shed his blood …”

There are, however, calls for her to resign:

Lots of big people are asking though, what is going on?

It needs serious investigation and it sounds like it is already getting serious investigation.

Peace, y’all
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