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Bed Bath & Beyond Dumps ‘My Pillow’ and Mike Lindell Goes Nuts, ‘The Most Evil People on the Planet!’

Is getting dumped by Bed Bath and Beyond a bad thing?

We suppose it is if your only product is a crappy pillow. But it wasn’t the ridiculously over-priced pillow itself that led Bed Bath and Beyond to drop the brand. The brand got dumped because the owner, Mike Lindell, poisoned his own brand with his obsessive relationship with Donald Trump and Lindell’s bizarre and dangerous attempts to keep Trump in office.

But on Monday night, Lindell appeared on the Right Side Broadcasting Network, with a chyron, listing a 66% discount on his pillows for viewers. It would seem that Lindell is pretty desperate. He should be. Attentive people took note of the fact that his company had a “Qanon” promo code.

Obviously, the only sane move is for each outlet carrying the crappy product to dump it and move on. The Qanon movement has proven itself to be dangerous and seems intended to split the nation further. There are some openly discussing whether Qanon is a Russian operation. We don’t know but it sounds plausible enough to deserve investigation. No American company of any kind should promote Qanon. It is a disgusting stain on this country.

Lindell made his bed, so to speak, and is now being forced to lay in it. He doesn’t seem to realize that his life has made a distinct turn for the worse. Lindell’s business will be no exception. Meanwhile, Lindell’s mental health, such as it is, seems to be plummeting by the hour as he ascribes all of this to fake people.

Tell us if this man sounds sane to you:

No. Lindell’s future looks more and more like Trump’s future, two increasingly irrelevant people, both of whom feel wronged by the entire world. Neither Trump nor Lindell will be sleeping well in the days to come but it will be what’s inside their head keeping them awake. No pillow will help.


Peace, y’all
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