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GOP Rep and Possible Conspirator Lauren Boebert Locked Out of Twitter Until After the Inauguration

We published a report Sunday morning that kicked off major media coverage examining Lauren Boebert’s possible role in providing information to the mob about Speaker Pelosi’s location. We say “possible” because as obvious as it looks, we cannot accuse her of such a crime until she is charged at the very least. She has not been charged and she may never be, depending on the investigation.

We also reported on the fact that Democratic Representative Mikie Sherill accused several Republican colleagues of giving rioters a tour of the Capitol a day before the riots. We cannot confirm that Boebert is one of those leaders. But she fits the profile – that is all – there is no proof and we cannot emphasize that enough.

We do know that since the riots Boebert has not been apologetic about what happened, nor has she shown the slightest bit of remorse. We know that this morning she was stopped at the newly-installed metal detectors this morning because she set them off. She refused to give up her gun, presumably she felt entitled as a member of Congress.

It appears that Twitter is convinced that Boebert used her position in the Capitol to direct rioters toward the Capitol because Twitter banned her today for one week, and we suspect that Twitter will use that week to await some information on the investigations that are coming.

It is likely that Twitter will take more action against more Republican representatives as information comes in regarding the role they played in the riot. We know that the FBI is looking at more than one legislator.

People were not exactly heartbroken about the news:

Peace, y’all
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