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GOPers Behind the Scenes Positioning Ivanka to Run Against Marco: But ‘The Stain Will Be Hard to Remove’

We have had to repeatedly cover the many reports coming out concerning Ivanka’s political aspirations and the degree to which they’ve been damaged by her father and her father’s MAGA riots. It turns out that failed insurrections introduce a new calculus in the perfectly laid plans set by Jared’s perfectly manicured nails. Yes, Jared seems to be the force behind the “elect Ivanka” movement. We suspect Ivanka is quite willing, too, indeed we believe she’d rip the eyes out of anyone who stood in the way.

Politico has a report breaking down the entire dynamic and the new “challenges” faced. We suspect that Marco has little to fear. Though we should admit, we didn’t believe any Republican had anything to fear by Trump’s candidacy back in 2016.

“[Jared] is calling people and trying to line them up saying Rubio is terrible, worthless, he’s probably going to lose, Ivanka is going to go there and we should all get together and pledge our support to her and get her to run,” the GOP fundraiser said.

We agree that Rubio is worthless, but that’s not quite the same as dangerous. We have seen what Trumps do with power and what they’ll do to keep power. We have also seen the anti-intellectualism and incompetence that any Trump brings to the job. The Trumps believe politics is a TV show with a pretty good salary. At the very least, Rubio knows that policy is on the line (it just happens to be terrible policy.) One doesn’t hire Trumps if one is interested in making the trains run on time.

Some of the interest borders on hilarity, listen to Jason Miller describe Ivanka:

“Ivanka only got into politics to help her father and help his agenda but what’s now clear is that Ivanka is a political powerhouse in her own right,” said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump.

No, what is clear is that Miller enjoys making money by pushing Trump political aspirations. The old man is done, about to be barred from office (we think), so Ivanka is suddenly a “powerhouse,” pointing to no evidence whatsoever except her major sexual magnetism with the MAGA man.

Even Steve Bannon is back to get in on it. He is excited by the possibility:

“The second most fire breathing populist in the White House was Ivanka Trump,” the president’s one-time adviser said on a recent podcast of his. If, Bannon added, Rubio voted for the certification of Joe Biden’s election — and he did — then, “I strongly believe and would strongly recommend that Ivanka Trump immediately…. if she is not going to remain an assistant to the president, she should immediately file and run for the senate and primary Marco Rubio in Florida.”

There is no need to do anything “immediately” except to start collecting money and we’ve played this game already, indeed registering early absolutely proves it’s a game. There are no plans to tour the state and hearing people’s concerns first, and then maybe file. Nope. File and collect money.

But that stain will be very very hard to remove.

“Their brand was certainly stained and it’s a stain we’ll never be able to erase,” said one top Republican strategist. “At the same time, the name of the game is winning a primary and someone with the last name of Trump could win.”

The video of the riots isn’t going to be forgotten, forever living on the net. And though Ivanka deleted her tweet calling these people “patriots,” plenty of people saved it. The stain isn’t going anywhere. It might be dark enough to completely block out the name. Despite what Ivanka and Jared might like to think, the ugly cloud is likely to cover that pretty face. And other than a pretty face, exactly what does Ivanka have to offer?

We’ll wait.


Peace, y’all
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