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Gym Jordan Eviscerated for Feeding Conspiracy AGAIN by Refusing to Admit Biden Won ‘Fair and Square’

We never did have much tolerance for these people, but we’re entering negative tolerance territory and we want them investigated and prosecuted if authorities find that they were either in contact with anyone in the riots or if they gave aide (such as financial) to any of the rioters. Few played as big a role in spreading the lies bigger than Gym Jordan, a man who is quite practiced in covering up evidence and refusing to talk as he did while another coach abused young impressionable adult wrestlers at Ohio State University.

As the fallout from the riots continues, Democrats seek to cut the conspiracy theories by having those that did the most to feed the conspiracies reverse course and tell their rabid followers that it was always a lie and that it is time to recognize the entirety as a lie.

But Jordan just refuses to do it, even at this late stage he is content to continue carrying Trump’s fascist agenda, continue to lie and continue to participate in an ongoing conspiracy to push this fascist movement on the country.

At a House hearing, Democrats pushed Jordan to admit the lie and demanded of Jordon: (According to the Independent)

Jim McGovern called on representative Jim Jordan [1] to say that Joe Biden [2] won the election “fair and square”.

Jordan responded by saying that, yes, Biden would be sworn in as the next president. McGovern wasn’t satisfied:

“That is not the question I asked. I asked you to lay bare the fact that this lie out there that somehow Joe Biden did not win the election fair and square — he did. The president to this day continues to perpetrate that.”

Despite the remaining threat, despite the obviousness of the fair election, Jordan still wouldn’t do it and went on to talk unity:

“We should use this time to bring the nation together.”

Ironically, one way to unify the nation is to admit that the election was fair. But Jordan isn’t interested in unity, he is interested in keeping Trump happy and keeping the rioters happy.

McGovern responded:

“This isn’t a both sides issue. Our Capitol was attacked. Five people are dead. Countless people are wounded. We had a group of domestic terrorists, homegrown fascists, who came to the Capitol building to desecrate this symbol of democracy and freedom, and to do harm to people.”

If there was ever an issue that wasn’t “both sides” this is it.

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all
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