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House Leader McCarthy Fears MAGA Supporters Might Assassinate Any GOP Member Voting to Impeach

We should set this out fairly and with absolute clarity. It is not, in our opinion, crazy for any Republican voting to impeach Trump in the House and criticizing their colleagues to fear that they could be hurt or worse. Not at all. The MAGA crowd has already shown that they consider themselves soldiers at war and that their violence will help change the government of the United States.

They see themselves as victims attacked by an enemy and that they are on the side of God and God’s partner, Trump.

Kevin McCarty understands this all too well and according to a report from Politico, he has already told his caucus that any Republican who votes to impeach Trump should be careful. It is a real consideration, even though it may be said to keep the entire party in line so that he isn’t harmed. If Republicans vote to impeach, even ten of them, it gives the impeachment very serious legitimacy (as if more legitimacy is needed). On the other hand, those that don’t vote to impeach are sending a message that they’ll allow inciting an insurrection to be tolerated so long as its done by their party.

According to Politico [1]

“There is particular fear among Republicans in Trump-heavy districts who voted against the GOP’s doomed bid to overturn the election results,” Politico reported [1] Monday. “Many came home last week to find constituents — preachers, school superintendents, churchgoing men and women — cheering on the effort rather than condemning it, according to multiple GOP lawmakers.

Which is precisely the problem.

“Both parties have extremists,” the lawmaker told Politico. “There’s a difference in our crazy people and their crazy people. Our crazy people have an excessive amount of arms. They have gun safes. They have grenades. They believe in the Second Amendment. They come here and Trump’s made them think this is the Alamo.”

Ah, “both sides.” At least he admits that his side is the one that will actually kill. It’s not like the Democrats don’t know how to get a gun if they really wanted to kill. We don’t, but some MAGAs damn well might and McCarthy knows it.

“According to a GOP source on conference phone call yesterday, Kevin McCarthy warned members not to verbally attack colleagues who vote for impeachment because it could endanger their lives,” McCormack reported.

They have brought them on themselves and while we certainly do not want them harmed, even the worst of them like Matt Gaetz, we also don’t want them to forget that they fed this monster. The tweet:

Very real and legitimate fear. We hope that they’re not hurt or killed. We hope they learn something from this but have serious doubts.


Peace, y’all
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