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In an Expletive-Filled Rant, Trump Has Forbidden Mention of Richard Nixon in the White House

Largely alone and in a White House that is becoming more tomb-like by the day as it continues to bleed staff while his days as president wane, Donald Trump is stewing in his anger. His mood, festering and malignant, anyone still left at the White House has found out they’d better not mention former President Richard Nixon’s name to him if they don’t want whatever inner peace they have to be shattered.

As CNN notes, Trump is playing the victim, and as aides gently suggested he should consider resigning, Trump’s rage hit the boiling point quickly. He quickly, and angrily let staffers know that any mention of Nixon’s name was banned.

In a blistering, expletive-laden conversation Trump told one adviser to never, ever mention Nixon’s name again. As staffers discussed the possibility of Trump resigning, the president told them he couldn’t rely on Vice President Mike Pence to pardon him, as President Gerald Ford did with Nixon.

He has been hoping for a bit of pomp to cap his final days as president and has asked for a huge send-off on Inauguration Day next week before he heads to Mar-a-Lago. That’s according to those familiar with the situation.

But as he continues to hope for this, signs everywhere have popped up everywhere, showing his presidency is soon to end. This includes right outside his window. Workers hung bunting Thursday and it reads “2021 Biden-Harris Inauguration,” on temporary stands near the White House North Portico. Trump can see it from his third-story residence.

So he sits in silent desperation and increasingly, his worries over what legal calamities he may face are continuing to grow. And he has good reason to worry because legal and business troubles are piling up, especially after last week’s riot at the Capitol building.

Trump has spent his whole life bending and breaking laws and this has finally caught up with him, and when he is finally gone, perhaps the country will begin to heal.

So maybe a send-off for him is a good idea. Millions of us will be thrilled to see him go, so why not celebrate?

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