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Liz Cheney Becomes Second GOP Rep to Vote for Impeachment: ‘None of This Would Have Happened Without the President’

Liz Cheney is not someone that we should admire as either a big-hearted person or a level-headed person. She is as whacked and blood-thirsty as her father and will happily vote for all of Trump’s SCOTUS picks and any tax cut.

But Liz Cheney has something that precious few other Republican representatives have, she has independence in that she’s the one representative from Wyoming, a state that isn’t about to elect a Democrat no matter what. She’s not going to be primaried because her name in Wyoming means everything. Second, she is from the old school Dick Cheney wing of the Republican party and thus she isn’t falling for this MAGA thing. She might have put up with the first impeachment just to go along to get along, but this is far too much, especially now that she’s in the minority.

Yes, Liz Cheney is going to vote for impeachment tomorrow. It matters. The more Republicans that pile on and say “No, this isn’t acceptable, he did this,” the more in the House that feel freed to do the same. No one wants to be lonely in that crowd. The trickle could end up becoming a landslide – not all of them, no way, but even 30-50 or so? That would be a massive statement.

Anyway, everyone is breaking with the reports and Cheney’s statement is very strong, the type of statement required in such a serious matter.

That is one hell of a statement. We are curious about the “assembled the mob,” because that sounds like something more serious than just giving the speech and tweeting about it. It almost sounds more like she believes Trump “organized” the mob, because she already said “summoned.” It is just an odd statement.

She is doing the right thing. This time.


Peace, y’all
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