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Matt Gaetz Loses It on House Floor and Screams at Democrats About ‘Biden Crime Family’ and ‘Russia Hoax’

Heated debates are underway in the House over the impeachment of “Donald J. Trump,” the only time they ever use his middle name. The House looks far more like Parliament in the United Kingdom with those cool green benches, and the people rising and sitting to “Here here’s …” from the people behind the person arguing. We rarely see a debate like this in our country.

The Republicans have only one argument: “The Democrats rioted this summer and we didn’t impeach Donald Trump!” or something like that. We are not exactly sure what real protests over the summer about cops gunning down unarmed black men have to do with Trump inciting a preplanned riot on the United States Capitol to overthrow the government.

But of course, it doesn’t. The problem is that Donald Trump doesn’t want to be impeached again and the MAGAs do not want him punished or impeached again. Thus the Republicans fear for their lives if they vote yes.

Don’t take our word for it. Eric Swalwell seems like a great guy, young guy, doesn’t know the old ways and thus likely hears from a lot of people including Republicans. He directly called out the pink elephant standing at the podium:

The people that have told Swalwell that they’re afraid for their lives if they vote yes really should examine whether they are on the right side of history. They are not talking about Democrats threatening their lives.

But the Republicans continue to focus on the protests this summer and calling out the Democrats as being “extremist” for “finally speaking out against riots” after this summer. No one screams better than Matt Gaetz as seen above or we give him his own place right here:

Just amazing that the same people who wouldn’t recognize a victory in the Electoral College victory and wanted to “stop the steal” are now calling for unity.

Shameless people.

Peace, y’all
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