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Melania Trump is Reportedly ‘Not Sad’ to Be Leaving the White House

President Donald Trump, still in a rage over his election loss, has said he won’t attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, and that presumably means First Lady Melania Trump will give it a miss as well. She’s been hanging quietly in the background, packing up the White House as her husband continues to unleash his anger.

She’s not unhappy to leave and is preparing for family life outside the White House, The Daily Mail reports.

“Melania Trump is not sad to be leaving,” one White House Official told CNN.

Moving vans have been spotted at the White House as the First Family and members of the Trump administration prepare for life outside the beltway. But Melania had to do this in secret for fear this would enrage her husband, who stubbornly refused to concede until Congress certified Biden’s win last week. That was delayed by a raging pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol Building.

Trump has never congratulated Biden, or even mentioned his name in his video remarks, instead merely saying there would be a “new administration.”

That’s how fragile this man’s ego is. His own wife has to tiptoe around lest she wake the beast inside. Melania herself hasn’t reached out to incoming First Lady Jill Biden, perhaps for this reason. At any rate, her staff is quietly leaving and only five or so staffers remain in the East Wing, while Melania herself hasn’t been seen in public since she and Trump returned from Mar-a-Lago on December 31.

Melania has spent her time in Florida scoping out schools for their son Barron since the couple will briefly return to Mar-a-Lago when Trump becomes a private citizen again. She’s said little on whether she plans to keep up her “Be Best” campaign.

Hopefully, when Trump leaves he’ll take his crazed followers with him, and perhaps D.C. and the rest of the world can breathe a sigh of relief.

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