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Mitch McConnell Reportedly Never Wants to Speak to Trump Again After the Capitol Riot

Petulant baby president.

It doesn’t bear repeating but it is almost humorous. Trump lives his life with one indicator light. “Did this person support me last or say no to me last and not support me?”

A person can redeem themselves in Trump’s mind if, and only if, someone who had been cast to the desert can later do something big for Trump and wants to do it. That makes the person acceptable again.

We suspect there is one person in the world, total, that can remain in good standing with Trump even if she last told him, “No,” and that’s his daughter. But Ivanka doesn’t really count. Even those of us that are actually human cannot say no to our daughters.

Mitch McConnell stood in the way for Trump during the last impeachment. The past is the past. Because Mitch McConnell simply accepted the Electoral College vote in mid-December and thus Trump hasn’t spoken to McConnell since. It is almost humorous.

It certainly doesn’t make McConnell a sympathetic figure but …

It would be especially humorous if Trump paid a bit of a price for being a little baby b*tch. It would be humorous as well as damned gratifying if Mitch McConnell convened the Senate this week (he is still the majority leader for this week) and turned his posse loose for a rather quick up and down vote.

Indeed, McConnell likely wouldn’t even need to have to do it for it to be somewhat worthwhile. McConnell need only tell the media that he’s right on the edge, “strongly considering it,” and Trump would likely have to consider whether he wants to be the only president ever convicted by the senate either before or after the inauguration.

We don’t know. We only know that Trump turned his back on McConnell for “disloyalty” the moment McConnell did something Trump didn’t like even though McConnell had no real choice and even though McConnell is the only reason Trump is still in office to begin with.

Peace, y’all
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