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‘My Pillow’ Guy Caught Outside Oval Office With Scary Notes That Read ‘Martial Law If Necessary’

Mike Lindell of “My Pillow” fame is desperately trying to work himself into a conspiracy to commit treason charge. Only Trump could get to a point where a president seeks out Mike Lindell’s opinion about anything other than conning people into buying worthless shit.

And yet with no one of any significance left in the White House, and with a desperate president who has already shown a willingness to attack his own country, violently, Lindell’s very presence becomes a danger. Recall, Lindell is the man who post-riot said that Donald Trump will still serve as president in a second term. The man is dangerous and so is Trump.

Today Lindell found himself entering the White House. A Washington Post photographer snapped a picture from distance. Lindell carried notes with him. The notes were indecipherable in the regular picture. But some fancy camera and computer work allowed a portion of the notes to be seen with serious zoom. A couple of halves of paragraphs can be deciphered and they are scary.

According to Mediaite:

The title of his notes, in all capital letters, includes the words “TAKEN IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE THE … THE CONSTITUTION”

Right now, nothing threatens the constitution more than the man in the building, obviously. Trump shouldn’t be allowed to make a significant decision.

After a call for what looks to be appointing a new member his national security team, Lindell talks about researching election security and the nearby military base at “Fort Mead [sic].”

Any talk about any military assets should scare the shit out of anyone. Any new personnel moves, especially to the national security team should send shivers down people’s spines.

In the next paragraph, his visible notes begin with what could be “Insurrection” followed by “Act now as a result of the assault on the…” and then picks up in the next line with what appears to be “marital”  and then “law if necessary upon the first hint of any.”

“Foreign Interference in the election” that would “Trigger” some response. He then seems to offer Trump advice, saying “Make clear this is China/Iran…”

Perhaps there is someone left in the White House to throw those notes in a fire and put Trump in handcuffs.

Look around, there is nothing to hint at insurrection with the exception of some MAGAs that could likely be convinced to do whatever is necessary to make an “insurrection” appear. But that further argues for Trump’s removal.

The fact that Lindell even wrote, “Make clear this is China/Iran” is evidence that China and Iran have nothing to do with anything. Ironically, Russia – the one country our intelligence people fingered all along, never gets mentioned, does it? Russia happens to be the country that has hacked our computers to the point they’re playing pong all day.

But obviously, this is deeply concerning. Of course, Lindell is certifiable and has been since he appeared on the scene with Trump. It is equally obvious that Trump is certifiable. But Trump is the one who could still theoretically order people and assets around.

We would like to think that crazy orders would simply be ignored. By tomorrow there will only be six days until Trump is truly irrelevant and Trump’s motivations are clear. We worry – a little – about the MAGA heads inside the military that might be wanting Trump to do something. But we’re comforted by the fact that the people at the highest levels of the military get there by being extremely competent, well-educated, and understand the military’s role. These are people that could be bank presidents if they were not in the military.

As scary as Lindell and Trump might be – and they are – we still believe that “martial law” is off the table, and the use of the insurrection act would lead to Trump’s conviction on the impeachment charge, or 25th Amendment, near immediately.

Still, we would rather not have Lindell entering that building and would really not have him in a position to run any ideas by Trump, who would still love to overthrow this government. It makes us nervous that we’ve heard reports of attacks on statehouses all week. If they are looking for a predicate to declare an insurrection …

There are still seven days of work left. Keep your eyes open.

Peace, y’all
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