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Newsmax is Already Demanding Joe Biden’s Impeachment for ‘Election Fraud’ Based on Debunked Clip

Donald Trump’s presidency is ending in disgrace but that’s apparently lost on Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly, who has renewed calls for impeaching President-elect Joe Biden.

Kelly has continually denied Biden’s victory and pushed one voter fraud conspiracy theory after another and has even claimed Trump would definitely serve a second term, Mediaite reports. He’s finally accepted that Trump’s presidency will be over and done with but has used the opportunity to compare Biden to a bank robber getting away with his crime.

And now that Trump’s facing an impending impeachment after inciting mob violence at the U.S. Capitol, Kelly, in a recent Newsmax segment, is calling for Biden’s impeachment for “election fraud.” Then he trotted out “a very interesting clip that I found in a dark corner of the internet.” Airing the clip, he claimed, “that was a confession” of Biden’s purported involvement in election fraud.

It would be convenient for Kelly if his accusations were true, but of course, they aren’t.

The clip he showed is actually from a Pod Save America interview with Biden, who explained his work with former President Barack Obama to set up countermeasures to prevent voter fraud.

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Biden said.

Anyone with a brain in their head will understand Biden was discussing preventing fraud. I’m guessing he meant to say “voter protection” and the clip has been analyzed in numerous fact-checks, owing to Trump’s allies’ habit of taking everything Biden says out of context. Of course in the hopes of continuing to spread deceptive claims that he was admitting to fraud in the clip.

And aw shucks, wouldn’t you know it, Kelly somehow “forgot” to mention this and instead proclaimed “there’s credible allegations of voter fraud” and “[Biden’s] admitting to it.” Kelly stood on these obvious mendacities to promote his fantasies of Biden’s impeachment, saying “I guess I’ll have to run for Congress and get it done myself.”

As if.

Watch the clip below.

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