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Newt Gingrich: ‘Biden Cannot Lead in a Way the Average American Will Accept’

Newt Gingrich is the man who impeached Bill Clinton over his humiliating acts with a young woman staffer and lying about them, lying about an affair, even if the affair was wrong in that it involved someone with so comparably little experience and power.

Newt remains – as far as we can tell – someone who supports Trump and how Trump “governs.” It also appears that Gingrich also believes that “the average American” would prefer the way Trump and the GOP govern over big, bad, dangerous, mystery man, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a lot of things, but if the GOP thinks that they can turn Biden into something scary after Trump, well … good luck with that. Joe Biden is the man that beat Trump at least as bad as the vote tally ended up – at least that bad, he’s the guy who has been in the senate or the vice presidency for 287 years, and the man who brought Lindsey Graham to tears, saying, “If you don’t like Joe Biden, there’s something wrong with you.”

But Newt wants you to believe that none of this matters to the “average American,” even though Newt didn’t tell us whether the average American wears horns and fur or whether the average American roams through Congress with wrist ties. But Newt is trying to demonize Biden and it’s so ridiculous that one cannot even write it out without turning away in embarrassment.

Come up with a different plan, Newt. This isn’t going to work.

Yeah. Keep in mind that Newt was an absolute Trumpista even though no one forced it on him and required it. Many GOP “conservatives” sniffed Trump out from the beginning and had no use for him, not Newt. Newt, it would seem, has only one script.

He heard from a lot of Average Americans:


Below, very funny:

We sometimes like to include a Trumper, just to give people an idea …

Except Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and 93 other Republican senators.

They certainly don’t know an average American that isn’t white.


Peace, y’all
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