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Now Members of Congress Emphasizing Boebert’s Role in Coup: Rep. Swalwell Says Boebert Wanted Pelosi’s Location Known

We have been dogging a story that we broke on Sunday morning, one that is now at such a saturation point that even fellow Congressman, albeit Democrats, are now openly calling her out for helping the rioters’ attempts to find Pelosi.

As most readers know, Rep. Lauren Boebert, the brand-spanking-new congresswoman from Colorado’s Third District and certified gun nut, a super-sized, conspiracy-theorist MAGA, tweeted at 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning that it was “1776.” After rioters had clearly gained entrance to the Capitol and were outside the House chamber doors, Boebert tweeted that the Speaker had been removed.

Since that time, we have learned that the mobs were shouting that they were there to get Pence and Pelosi. Thus it is that a woman who spoke the rioters’ language (“1776” a revolution) and a woman who tweeted out Pelosi’s position to her followers, is now under tremendous scrutiny in what might lead to the shortest Congressional tenure ever.

There is no DOJ policy against arresting a member of Congress, indeed there is a long storied history of charges against sitting Congressmen and … we don’t know if a woman has faced charges yet. No one should be expelled on appearances alone, no one is ever arrested on appearances alone. But that doesn’t mean that other members should be silent in the face of the threat Boebert might represent in Congress. She only cares about gunz, bulletz, and probably advocates legalizing grenade launchers and turrets on top of minivans.

Pelosi cannot speak out about what Boebert appears to have done without bringing more attention to Boebert and making Boebert more a hero to the far right. The MAGAs hate Pelosi enough. But that doesn’t mean that her up and coming stars in Congress shouldn’t have her back. They can and must protect Pelosi by continuing to remind people of Boebert’s role. They must isolate her from everything and everyone in Congress. If she is put on a committee, put her on one that oversees the Forest Service, anything but sensitive information.

Eric Swalwell, a dutiful soldier and a good man, someone we see as destined for much bigger things, is ready to step into that role and help his leader:

“Coup Klux Klan?” We might have to borrow that.

More importantly, as we said, we hadn’t seen a single news article on her tweets Sunday morning. We saw a dawning awareness on Twitter, as well as the obvious implications, and ran with it. By that afternoon it had been picked up by media everywhere. It is heartening to see that it is now “saturating” the mainstream to the point where Swalwell is comfortable calling out what he sees and laying it at her feet.

Good job, Congressman.


Peace, y’all
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