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Outrageously, Ivanka Called on MAGAs to ‘Fight Harder,’ Called them Patriots as They Rioted — Now She Wants ‘Healing’

We should note at the very top that the Ivanka tweet we’re about to address is three to four days old. We somehow missed it during the tumult of the first few days. But we’re not letting it go unaddressed.

Just days after the MAGAs took the life of a police officer and sought to kidnap Pence and Pelosi, Ivanka wanted to simply put that silly stuff behind us and move on to be one happy family.

This goes beyond outrageous. Over the summer, we learned that Ivanka and Hope Hicks came up with the idea to violently disperse the crowd at Lafayette Plaza. They believed that picture with Trump holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church would help with Trump’s base. They knew that no such picture was possible without violently removing the crowd that stood in the way. On that day, Ivanka fought against unity. She wanted division to show Trump’s supporters that he wouldn’t put up shit from the libtards.

Of course, they fired tear gas and beat the shit out of a crowd that included many of our POC friends. So that likely made it okay in her mind. But now that she knows that the storming of the Capitol to commit reprehensible acts, Ivanka thinks this should be swept under the rug in order to heal, normalize it, and get rid of the stigma that now follows her in order to keep her political aspirations viable.

She tweeted this days ago while Trump still had a Twitter account so that he saw a very loyal daughter. Ironic that he never got a chance to tweet back:

People were not in the mood to hear from the brainless but politically shameless princess.

We are just going to end on that one because we are hearing from Trumpistas that we need to heal and we’re hearing it at the same time that authorities are telling us that Twitter’s headquarters and statehouses may be the next targets because all of Washington is locked down.

Ivanka needs to be run out of the country along with her whole family. In this site’s opinion, we would trade criminal charges for watching this family flee, the ultimate cowards acting like the ultimate guilty family. It would go down in history as another breathtaking first and it would tell the MAGAs that they’re on their own now, Trump abandoned them.

Fair trade. But Ivanka still sees herself as president someday.

Peace, y’all
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