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Pelosi Gives Pence 24 Hours to Invoke the 25th Amendment or She Will Move to Impeachment

Nobody should think this is meaningless.

Without outright rejection, fascist elements have a tendency to fester and grow. It takes constant weeding, but it also takes an outright burn from time to time and this is one of those times. The fascist element of the GOP, seen so clearly in Hawley and Cruz after the Capitol attack, has to be rooted out.

Additionally, as we’ve noted ever since Congress ended their session on Friday, Trump remains an extreme danger to this country every single day that he can give an order that anyone would feel compelled to follow. Indeed, we’ve reported that many of us are fairly upset that Congress went home at all because the letter we address should have gone out Monday.

Nevertheless, this is very necessary. Speaker Pelosi released a letter in which she calls on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment on Monday or she will move to impeach Trump on Tuesday. Just because the Senate isn’t around to hear it (they could go in session) doesn’t mean it’s not important. Trump can even be tried once he’s out of office. It prohibits him from running again and makes a statement in its own right.

We know that Trump doesn’t want to be the only president impeached twice. This is the correct move. Put Trump in a no-win situation. Pence either moves or Trump faces impeachment for a second time. This also gives Pence the legitimacy he might need to at least begin discussions. There is a demand on the table, he can tell Trump that he’s not the one making it up. If Trump orders Pence to stop, well, maybe Mike will show a little moxie and think that yanking Trump out before he pardons everyone is a good thing.

Watch these people closely.


Peace, y’all
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